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  2. This disclosure relates to varying load and modulation applied to each of multiple frequency subchannels based on anticipated attenuation experienced by those subchannels. Communicating data includes identifying a static component of a transmission medium for wideband communications having at least two subchannels (110), determining a function of noise or attenuation versus frequency for the static component (120), selecting wideband modulation schemes for the subchannels based on the function determined (130), and communicating a data signal over the subchannels (145). The transmission medium includes a medium other than a copper telephone wire between and including a carrier facility and a termination of the copper telephone wire at an access point at a user premise and copper telephone wire in a cable riser in multitenant units and multi-dwelling buildings. Independent demodulation functions may be applied to at least two of the subchannels.
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  3. The subject invention pertains to compositions and methods for culturing nerve tissue in vitro and nerve grafts produced using such methods. The compositions and methods of the subject invention can be employed to restore the continuity of nerve interrupted by disease, traumatic events or surgical procedures. The invention also concerns methods for promoting repair of damaged nerve tissue using the present compositions and nerve tissue treated according to such methods.
  4. Environmentally degradable melt spun fibers comprising a polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer and a polylactic acid polymer or copolymer are disclosed. A preferred configuration of the present invention is directed to environmentally degradable fibers comprising a sheath/core structure where the core comprises a biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoate copolymer and the sheath comprises a polymer or copolymer of polylactic acid. Nonwoven webs and disposable articles comprising the environmentally degradable fibers are also disclosed.
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  5. The present invention relates to single crystal silicon, in ingot or wafer form, which contains an axially symmetric region which is free of agglomerated intrinsic point defects, and a process for the preparation thereof. The process including controlling growth conditions, such as growth velocity, v, instantaneous axial temperature gradient, G0, and the cooling rate, within a range of temperatures at which silicon self-interstitials are mobile, in order to prevent the formation of these agglomerated defects. The control of G0 is accomplished by controlling heat transfer at the melt/solid interface.
  6. A method and apparatus for subcarrier selection for systems is described. In one embodiment, the system employs orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA). In one embodiment, a method for subcarrier selection comprises each of multiple subscribers measuring channel and interference information for subcarriers based on pilot symbols received from a base station, at least one of subscribers selecting a set of candidate subcarriers, providing feedback information on the set of candidate subcarriers to the base station, and the one subscriber receiving an indication of subcarriers of the set of subcarriers selected by the base station for use by the one subscriber.
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  7. A system and a method for investigating rock formations includes generating, by a first acoustic source, a first acoustic signal comprising a first plurality of pulses, each pulse including a first modulated signal at a central frequency; and generating, by a second acoustic source, a second acoustic signal comprising a second plurality of pulses. A receiver arranged within the borehole receives a detected signal including a signal being generated by a non-linear mixing process from the first-and-second acoustic signal in a non-linear mixing zone within the intersection volume. The method also includes-processing the received signal to extract the signal generated by the non-linear mixing process over noise or over signals generated by a linear interaction process, or both.
  8. The present invention provides methods of treating cancer by administering an IL8-CXCR1 pathway inhibitor (e.g., an anti-CXCR1 antibody or Repertaxin) alone or in combination with an additional chemotherapeutic agent such that non-tumorigenic and tumorigenic cancer cells in a subject are killed. The present invention also provides compositions and methods for detecting the presence of and isolating solid tumor stem cells in a patient (e.g., based on the presence of CXCR1 or FBXO21).
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  9. The present invention relates to antibodies that differentially recognize multi-dimensional conformations of Aβ-derived diffusible ligands, also known as ADDLs. The antibodies of the invention can distinguish between Alzheimer's Disease and control human brain extracts and are useful in methods of detecting ADDLs and diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease. The present antibodies also block binding of ADDLs to neurons, assembly of ADDLs, and tau phosphorylation and are there useful in methods for the preventing and treating diseases associated with soluble oligomers of amyloid β 1-42.
  10. Hair was coated with polymer-containing fluid and then hot pressed to form a composite of hair and a polymer film imprinted with a nanopattern. Polychromatic light incident on the nanopattern is diffracted into dispersed colored light.
  11. Cationic polymers hydrolyzable to zwitterionic polymers, monomers for making the cationic polymers, surfaces that include the polymers, therapeutic agent delivery systems that include the cationic polymers, methods for administering a therapeutic agent using the delivery systems, and methods for making and using the cationic polymers, monomers, surfaces, and therapeutic agent delivery systems.
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  12. The present invention provides methods of selectively inducing terminal differentiation, cell growth arrest and/or apoptosis of neoplastic cells, and/or inhibiting histone deacetylase (HDAC) by administration of pharmaceutical compositions comprising potent HDAC inhibitors. The oral bioavailability of the active compounds in the pharmaceutical compositions of the present invention is surprisingly high. Moreover, the pharmaceutical compositions unexpectedly give rise to high, therapeutically effective blood levels of the active compounds over an extended period of time. The present invention further provides a safe, daily dosing regimen of these pharmaceutical compositions, which is easy to follow, and which results in a therapeutically effective amount of the HDAC inhibitors in vivo.
  13. The present invention, provides a flow cytometry apparatus for the detection of particles from a plurality of samples comprising: means for moving a plurality of samples comprising particles from a plurality of respective source wells into a fluid flow stream; means for introducing a separation gas between each of the plurality of samples in the fluid flow stream; and means for selectively analyzing each of the plurality of samples for the particles. The present invention also provides a flow cytometry method employing such an apparatus.
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  14. Photochemical tissue bonding methods include the application of a photosensitizer to a tissue, e.g., cornea, followed by irradiation with electromagnetic energy to produce a tissue seal. The methods are useful for wound repair, or other tissue repair.
  15. The present invention relates to a compound comprising a peptide moiety, a spacer moiety and a water-soluble polymer moiety such as a poly(ethylene glycol) moiety. The spacer moiety is between the peptide moiety and the water-soluble polymer moiety. The spacer moiety has the structure: —NH—(CH2)α—[O—(CH2)β]γ—Oδ—(CH2)ε—Y— wherein α, β, γ, δ, and ε are each integers whose values are independently selected.
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  16. The invention provides spacers for separating and supporting a faceplate structure and a backplate structure in a flat panel display, and methods for fabricating these spacers. Each spacer is typically made of ceramic, such as alumina, containing transition metal oxide, such as titania, chromia or iron oxide. Each spacer can be fabricated with an electrically insulating core and electrically resistive skins. The insulating core can be a wafer formed of ceramic such as alumina, and the resistive skins can be formed by laminating electrically resistive wafers, formed from alumina containing transition metal oxide, to the outside surfaces of the insulating core. Each spacer can also have a core of electrically insulating ceramic composition made of a ceramic containing a transition metal oxide in its higher oxide states, and electrically resistive outside surfaces made of a ceramic containing a transition metal oxide in lower oxide states. Face and/or edge metallization strips can optionally be provided on each spacer.
  17. A hybrid valve apparatus for use with an aspiration actuator and a dispensing actuator to transfer fluid from a reservoir to a test site on a substrate surface. The hybrid valve includes a valve assembly movable between an aspiration condition and a dispensing condition, and a manifold device coupled to the valve assembly. The manifold device includes a fluid aspiration conduit having a first aspiration port in fluid communication with the aspiration actuator. On an opposite end of the aspiration conduit is a second aspiration port in selective fluid communication with the valve assembly to selectively aspirate a liquid sample slug from the reservoir into a discrete sample path when the valve assembly is in the aspiration condition. The manifold device further includes a fluid dispensing conduit having a first dispensing port in fluid communication with the dispensing actuator, and a second dispensing port in selective fluid communication with the valve assembly. When the valve assembly is in the dispensing condition, the sample path is fluidly coupled to the dispensing actuator to selectively dispense at least one droplet of the liquid sample slug therefrom, while simultaneously being out of fluid communication with the aspiration actuator. In contrast, in the aspiration condition, the sample path is in fluid communication with the aspiration actuator, while being out of fluid communication with the dispensing actuator.
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  18. The present invention relates a process for the preparation of single crystal silicon, which contains an axially symmetric region which is free of agglomerated intrinsic point defects. The process for growing the single crystal silicon including controlling the ratio v/G0, where v is the growth velocity and G0 is the average axial temperature gradient during the growth of a constant diameter portion of the crystal over a temperature range from solidification to a temperature of no less than about 1325° C., and a cooling rate of the crystal from a solidification temperature to about 1,050° C., in order to cause the formation of an axially symmetrical segment which is substantially free of agglomerated intrinsic point defects. The control of V/G0 is accomplished by controlling heat transfer at the melt/solid interface.
  19. An apparatus and method for lining ditches is provided. The apparatus and method for lining ditches, according to the present invention, includes a plurality of substantially corrugated liner sections, preferably made of a thermoplastic material such as polyethylene. Each liner section is designed to be assembled by detachably engaging ends of ditch liner sections. A sealant that does not bond with the material from which the liner sections are made may also be included. An inlet/outlet channel is included. The inlet/outlet channel is removably connectable with at least one end of a liner section by snapping together the two components. A liner section in the form of a splitter section also is provided. A splitter section permits rerouting the flow of water in a variety of directions through a ditch lined with the apparatus of the present invention. Also, a diverter section is included for diverting water from one flow direction through the ditch to a point or area of application of water. In addition, an adaptor also is included. An adaptor may be used to interconnect incompatible liner sections.
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  20. The invention provides synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs having at least one peptide chain, and preferably two peptide chains branched from a dipeptide branch moiety composed of two trifunctional amino acid residues, which peptide chain or chains bind a heparin-binding growth factor receptor and are covalently bound to a non-signaling peptide that includes a heparin-binding domain, preferably by a linker, which may be a hydrophobic linker. The synthetic heparin-binding growth factor analogs are useful as pharmaceutical agents, soluble biologics or as surface coatings for medical devices.